New Customer Checklist


 DHPP Vaccination

 Rabies Vaccination

 Bordetalla Vaccination

Rabies Certificate showing:
 Serial #
 Rabies tag #
 Vet name

 Vaccinations must be administered no less than two weeks prior to first visit.

 Email or have your vet email all above documents to at least 2 days prior to boarding. Or fax to 605-250-1086.

If you are visiting from another state you must have

 Fecal flotation test or a recent deworming

 Flea control

What to bring

 Food in a sealed plastic container. Only bring enough good for the stay plus one extra day, if boarding, just in case (no big boxes or large bags of food). Not all dogs do well with a change of diet but if the food you provide runs out, we do have food available for a fee of $5/day.

Medications (if needed) plus pill organizer, pill pockets and any other food you normally use to administer medications.


Optional Items

 Bedding, blankets, pillows, etc.


 Treats (Only bring enough for the stay, no big boxes or large bags. No rawhides.)

 Do not bring food or water bowls unless they must be elevated for the larger breeds or medical reasons such as slow eating bowls etc. We do not allow any glass or porcelain bowls.

 Label EVERYTHING with dog’s name and your last name. Every carry bag, food bag, treat bag and medication must be labeled.

** Marta’s Deadwood Doghouse is not responsible for the items if they are lost or damaged.

When you arrive

 Leave your dog in your vehicle.

 Bring food, bedding, etc into the office.

 We will review contract and feeding instructions with you.

 We will get kennel set up for your dog.

 You will then get your dog from the vehicle.

 Always keep your dog on a leash while on our premises.

If you are ready, schedule an appointment today.

Let us answer any questions or provide a tour.